Slavens Mule GET ECU for KTM/HQV 250/300tpi




Slavens Mule GET ECULMB for KTM/HQV 250/300tpi

The Slavens Mule GET ECULMB is the perfect combination of technology, flexibility and performance with plug-n-play installation with pre-loaded programs for stock or modified engines for low or high elevation applications developed by Slavens Racing.

The 2018-19 KTM/HQV 250/300 tpi/i models are extremely lean as delivered from the factory. KTM has done this to pass European emissions laws but this creates hard starting, erratic idle, jerky low rpm throttle response (huck-a-buck), pipe bang and weak/poor performance. If you modify your bike with a high compression head, aftermarket pipe, air box mod, etc., it gets even leaner and needs corrected or you may experience engine damage. Many guys have experienced piston scuffs/seizures and have blamed it on lack of lubrication which has been promoted by snakeoil salesmen promoting their products. The real issue is a very lean fuel injection setting that can be quickly and easily corrected with the Slavens Mule GET ECU.

The Slavens Mule GET ECU comes loaded with 2 proprietary performance maps developed by Slavens Racing. You can choose 2 out of 4 maps which we will load in the ECU before shipping so you will only have to plug-n-play.

  • Includes Slavens Mule GET ECU, Wi-Fi Com box, handlebar mounted map switch, quick start guide, Slavens How-To videos (installation video and tuning videos)
  • 2 proprietary map combinations to choose from – low/high elevationstock engine performance maps, low/high elevationModified engine performance maps (other combinations available)
  • Low elevation map for 0′ to 6000′, high elevation map for 6000′ and up (other elevation ranges available)
  • Wi-GET phone app for making fuel and timing adjustments at the track, on the trail or at home
  • Revolutionary “Wi-Fi COM” technology allows you to modify tuning parameters (richen or lean the air/fuel ratio) with your smartphone or tablet in seconds
  • Adjustable oil pump output
  • Map combinations available for any application, just ask.
  • Used by all factory teams and satellite teams on the World Championship circuits and many U.S. MX, SX and GNCC teams
  • Available only at Slavens Racing

Fits: ’17-’19 KTM/HQV 250/300tpi models

Availability: In stock

Ships: Worldwide