Shock Springs

We offer the largest selection of high quality KTM/Husqvarna/Husaberg/WP shock springs on the planet, period! All springs are manufactured in Europe or the U.S.A. (NONE from Asia) to meet our standards and specifications. Custom made springs or spring rates are available. One year guarantee against breakage.
Straight Rate – also known as linear rate or constant rate springs, are where the entire spring is wound at the same pitch, therefore every kg/mm or N/mm of force has the same effect on the spring throughout its length. For example, if it takes 25kg of force to compress the spring one inch, it will take another 25kg (50kg in total) to compress it the second inch and so on until the end of the travel.
Progressive Rate – are wound progressively from a finer pitch at one end to a coarser pitch at the other, therefore having a rising rate resistance to compression. For example, a 15kg to 25kg progressive spring rate will take 15kg of force to compress the spring one inch, then an additional 17kg of force the next inch and so on until the end of the travel, the last inch takes an additional 25kg to compress it.
Straight rate vs progressive rate? Progressive spring rates (for PDS shocks only) allow additional tuning latitude for professional tuners. For shocks with stock valving we prefer straight rate springs.
Spring Rate Recommendations – The largest selection of KTM/Husaberg/Husqvarna fork springs on the planet. All springs are manufactured in Europe or the U.S.A. (NONE from Asia) to meet our standards and specifications. All springs are the exact dimension as the O.E.M. springs. No additional spacers required.

We also offer custom made springs for non-standard applications. Springs are rated in Newton meters (N/mm) and kilogram (Kg/mm) ratings.

One year guarantee against breakage or rate change on ALL springs.

Spring Rate Recommendations – BEFORE you call or email us requesting help, please refer to our shock spring pages. Almost every spring page on our site list the make, model and year that the springs fit AND there are spring charts on those pages. Just plug-in your weight including gear and it will show the rate you need. The charts are KTM/HQV/Berg factory charts and are very accurate if you plug-in accurate information.

If you need further help with spring rates, please email your information (weight with and without gear, bike year/model/size, type of terrain, skill level and what springs you are using now) to Please be short and concise with your request. Long emails with many questions will NOT be answered.

NOTE: Most guys estimate the weight of their gear and are usually wrong. Weigh your gear, you will be surprised. Basic gear (helmet, boots, pants, knee pads, jersey, goggles) = 15 lbs. . Trail riding gear (the above items plus water pack, tools, spares) 25-35 lbs.

Exchange Program – Shock springs purchased from Slavens Racing may be installed, checked for correct sag measurements and exchanged for a different rate if the measurements are not correct. Springs that have been ridden, damaged or scuffed will not be accepted for exchange or return. This program is only offered by Slavens Racing.

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