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Horizon Adventures Dirt Bike Tours in Portugal


Are you the type of rider that seeks the next challenge and adventure? Does the end of a paved road excite you and draw you to explore the great unknown out beyond? You are not alone.

Here at Slavens, our whole team is driven by the excitement of the unknown and the true adventure that trails all over the world have to offer. Whether you are tired of the trails around your home or if you love those, but you are looking to hit trails less traveled, we have great suggestions for dirt bike tours. When you ride, you experience a location from a new angle and unique perspective, one that you will have as a memory for years to come.

Dirt bike tours can take place both state-side and internationally. Check out a great international tour that Jeff Slavens went on back in January 2008 to Morocco.

Check back here, on our events page, to see suggested tours and adventures for riding.

Motorcycle Events

In addition to tours, there are multiple local motorcycle events, as well as well-known motorcycle events, that we participate in. We try to keep our events up-to-date with the correct link to find more information on details and information that may be needed to participate in the event.

Call the Slavens Racing team with any questions that you may about local motorcycle events coming up in your area or if you have questions about the dirt bike tour companies that we are suggesting!

To include your event on the Slavens Racing website, please provide us a graphic (640 px wide  .jpg or .png) similar to the ones above. Email it to kasey@slavensracing.com along with details about your events, your contact information and website URL.