Ready-To-Use Air Filter for KTM, Husqvarna by ProFilter




ProFilter Ready-To-Use Air Filter for KTM, Husqvarna

When you get ready to change your filter, change to ProFilter. A new perfectly oiled ProFilter air filter provides maximum airflow and increased horsepower at a great value! Dual-stage foam ensures proper filtration in all off-road scenarios. Coarse outer foam catches bigger dirt particles while the tighter inner foam keeps out dust, silt and other contaminates. Excellent for the everyday rider, racer or off-roader. Once dirty, dispose of filter and replace with new. A no-brainer for those who hate cleaning filters!We-Ship-Worldwide

  • Perfectly pre-oiled with Maxima FFT
  • Dual Stage open cell foam
  • Plush 13mm sealing foam
  • Designed for one time use

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