Front & Rear Rim Protective Decal Kit by S3




S3 Front & Rear Rim Protective Decal Kit

New design allows you to easily change your wheel color. Lenticular structure offers very resistant protection for your rims. Available in 4 color options for all enduro, MX, dual sport, adventure bikes with 18″/19″ and 21″ wheels. Kit is for one complete bike and includes 6 decal strips for front wheel and 6 decal strips for back wheel. The full wheel stickers cover virtually all the rim and not just the outside edges as other rim stickers on the market. Other rim decals are purely cosmetic but the S3 decals are thick, tough and durable for rim protection.

  • Durable lenticular structure for rim protection
  • Colors: orange, black, blue
  • Includes decals for 21″ front and 18″/19″ rear rims
  • Easily change rim color
  • Easy to install
  • Protects against rim scratches

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