Air Filter Cleaner by No-Toil




Air Filter Cleaner by No-Toil

No-Toil’s Air Filter Cleaner is a concentrated formula designed to mix with water, no solvents are required to clean No-Toil treated air filters. The cleaner breaks down the waterproofing chemicals of the filter oil and rim grease, before completely washing the oil, grease, dust and dirt from the filter. The non-toxic, no-fume/no-odor cleaning solution is skin-safe, and can be used to clean filters in a bucket of water or the kitchen sink. It’s biodegradable, so go ahead and dump the dirty solution right down the drain!

  • Easy cleaning in seconds with water and No-Toil Cleaner
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic, so it will not harm the environment
  • Waterproof, will not wash off with water alone
  • Super tacky, sticky and amazing at stopping harmful dirt and dust particles
  • Concentrated, strong, fast-acting powder mixes with waterWe Ship Worldwide
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable, safe for septic tanks

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