Volcanduro VE-33S Rear Enduro Tire by IRC

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IRC Volcanduro VE-33s Rear Enduro Tire

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The Volcanduro VE-33S Rear Enduro Tire by IRC is brand new to the line and was developed and tested in extreme enduro/off-road conditions, making it a viable option for singletrack riders and enduro/offroad racers. IRC developed a new gummy compound that doubles for riders looking for a little less knob flex than their standard Gekkota.

  • The two-ply plus “Breaker” carcass structure resists puncture and optimizes stability over a range of speeds
  • The new, stiffer gummy compound acts as a suspension component within the tire
  • Proper rigidity of the sidewall with gummy compound will provide extra bump-absorption performance
  • Tall blocks are designed to provide a larger contact patch and also flexibility for maximum traction no matter the conditions
  • Built for competition
  • 64M Bias TT/2 ply

Available size: 110/100-18

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