SG-10 Boots by Gaerne

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SG-10 Boots by Gaerne

Premium Boots, the kind of boots that REAL RACERS wear. Boots like the Gaerne SG-10’s. Dual composite rubber soles, lightweight alloy, replaceable buckle system, exclusive Gaerne “grip guard”, floating “razorback” with a built in ankle alignment system, supercross shank as well as a heel bumper and memory cell inner foam liner that completes the construction for an unforgettable fit. Compare the features and you will see why Gaerne is leading the way!

Some have called this boot “THE PERFECT 10 – Others have praised the fit the comfort and the long lasting quality. We have updated the color combinations as well as refined the features.

  • Roomier toe box (compared to the streamlined toe box of the SG-12)
  • Dual composite rubber soles
  • Light-weight alloy replaceable/repositionable buckle system
  • Gaerne’s exclusive grip guard
  • Floating “razorback” with built-in ankle alignment systemWe-Ship-Worldwide
  • Memory foam interior liner

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