CLever Brake Levers by Midwest Mountain




CLever Brake Levers by Midwest Mountain Engineering

Complete your handle bar controls with a matching Brembo brake lever. This lever utilizes the stock pivot geometry so the action is the same as a stock brake lever. The difference is that the brake lever is the same “shorty” length as the CLever clutch levers and has the same ergonomic feel of the wide blade. These features allow you to use a one or two fingered grip on the lever with either a short or long reach. You can maintain a tight grip on your bars using your remaining fingers with no danger of trapping them in between the blade and the bar in a panic grab situation.

  • Less fatigue, less arm pump, and more endurance
  • Broader adjustment range, can be adjusted for a shorter reach then the stock lever
  • Especially during high intensity race conditions
  • A shorter than stock lever length allows a one or two finger operation
  • Enabling you to squeeze the lever to the bar without releasing your grip with the rest of your fingers
  • Depending on the mounting position, you can go for a three finger grab when necessary
  • The ball on the lever end meets AMA safety rule requirementsWe Ship Worldwide
  • Provides a comfortable grip reference for your fingers
  • Also helps prevent accidental release while traversing rough terrain at high speed
  • The width of the lever distributes the contact pressure over a greater surface area on your fingers reducing load concentrations that induce blistering
  • Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for one year
  • Patent Pending

KTM ’14-19 125-500 All Models
Husqvarna ’14-16 250-501 TE/TC/FE/FC
Husqvarna ’17 125-501 TE/TC/TX/FE/FX – Brembo Brakes
Husqvarna ’18-19 TC/FC/FX – Brembo Brakes

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