ZVMX X-Ring Chain by D.I.D.




D.I.D ZVMX X-Ring Chain

  • D.I.D.’s engineers are continuously improving chain designs in order to handle the tremendous horse power loads of today’s high performance motorcycles
  • In developing the new DID ZVM-X series, D.I.D. focused on “Rigidity”. Traditionally, “Tensile Strength” has been the bench-mark to indicate overall strength, but Tensile Strength is only a laboratory static measurement of a chain’s fracture point. Rigidity, on the other hand, is the ability of a chain to withstand the forces that occur in the real world that riders experience
  • Increased Rigidity means better power transfer from the engine to the ground, greater resistance to stretching under load and overall improved performance that meets the demands of our current high-power bikes and the people who ride them
  • Gold and black color
  • 120 link chain
  • Included is a rivet style connecting link

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