Two-Stroke Factory Works Pipes for KTM, Husqvarna, Husaberg by Scalvini




Scalvini Two-Stroke Factory Works Pipes for KTM, Husqvarna & Husaberg

Scalvini pipes for two-stroke factory works are hand-assembled cone-by-cone to make an exhaust that looks as good as it performs. Each Scalvini exhaust cone is hand cut, pounded, and welded to our stringent manufacturing guidelines. Scalvini pipes are your opportunity to have a real works pipe and performance without the expense associated with parts of this caliber.

Motocross exhaust cone pipes have faded away since the early days of two-strokes, because stampings made the job quicker, easier, and cheaper. The rarity makes these pipes the epitome of cool. Using only the finest materials available, Scalvini exhaust systems are produced for the most modern two-strokes.

  • Scalvini uses only the finest materials available
  • Scalvini ID tag attached to every pipe
  • CNC-machined exhaust flange
  • Double wall mounting brackets offer increased durability
  • Completely hand-made and welded by a team of experienced artisans
  • Produces usable power and torque
  • Hand-made in Italy

Note: Picture may vary from actual product.

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Ships: Worldwide

Scalvini Company Story

Gianluigi Scalvini is a former 125cc and 250cc world championship road racer who won two GP’s. Upon his retirement from racing, he continued his passion for motorcycles by developing performance exhaust systems. His research and development skills resulted in a complete line of two-stroke and four-stroke exhaust systems that were designed to produce incredible power and torque when compared to the stock exhaust. His name is now a legend not only in Italy, but world-wide.

Each Scalvini exhaust is completely hand-made and welded by a team of experienced artisans. In addition, Scalvini leads each project himself from initial testing, to finished production. The R&D process includes countless days of track and dyno testing to produce a product that meets our strict performance requirements. Scalvini exhausts don’t just produce more power, but usable power and torque which insures faster lap times. Scalvini uses only the finest materials including stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber, for optimum performance, weight savings and durability.

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