Titanium Megabomb Headers for KTM by FMF




Titanium Megabomb Headers for KTM by FMF

The FMF Megabomb header is designed with a unique midsection that is comparable to the Powerbomb header giving improved power across the power range. The unique design of the Megabomb Headerpipe allows for better low end torque and also improving top end power. The large midsection of the FMF Megabomb Header creates a larger surface for sound dissipation to reduce the sound output by as much as 1.5db. The FMF Megabomb Headerpipe is lightweight but has added durability to last longer.

  • The next evolution in Powerbomb developmentshippage
  • Substantial power increases everywhere
  • Constructed with lightweight military titanium
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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