Terrapactor S/T Tires by Motoz


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Terrapactor S/T Tires by Motoz

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Motoz designers and test riders are the same people. First and foremost we are dirt bike enthusiasts who love riding off road. Bikes have changed a lot in the last 20-30 years; off road tyres have not. We became frustrated with not being able to get tires that perform and give long wear mileage so we did something about it. The result is the new Motoz range of specialized enduro, desert, and mx tires which we believe are the best quality high performance tires available.

We’ve named our light weight MX competition series after our trademark innovation – Terrapactor. We believe the tread design is the best available for maximum drive and cornering at speed – winning the holeshot and holding the inside line often wins the race.
Light weight construction coupled with rigid and flex zones in the carcass helps keep the tread on the ground for awesome traction in bumpy rutted conditions.

  • Amazing hole shot hook up and solid cornering gives great rider feedback and serious confidence at speed
  • Light weight carcass
  • Sidewall and footprint with rigid and flex zones
  • High Quality Hybrid Natural/Synthetic Compound
  • Designed for soft, loose conditions
  • Great for muddy MX tracks and sandy loam
  • Awesome traction
  • Tested by MX1 and MX3 GP riders
  • Not rated for street/highway use

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