Slavens Mule National Shock by MXT



Slavens Mule National Shock by MXT

The Slavens Mule National Shock by MXT is equipped with the best technology, the best coatings and has the most adjustability of any shock currently available. It is handmade in the U.S.A. by MX Tech and tuned to Slavens specs with custom valving for each customer’s needs.

  • Lightest shock on the market
  • Over 1 pound lighter than O.E.M. shock
  • HUCK VALVE (Speed Sensitive Anti-Bottoming Control System)
    • Arrests the shock at full travel unlike the hard stop found in stock shocks. Helps to prevent tire deflectingWe-Ship-Worldwide
      to the side at full bottom and swapping out. Especially helpful in deep rolling whoops, G-outs, drop-offs, etc.. Besides the additional compression
      damping, it also adds significant rebound damping force during full bottoming – giving the rider more time to react before the shock recoils.
    • Speed Sensitive, the active movement transitions smoothly even with sudden mid-stroke acceleration.
    • Tuner friendly, adjustable for each rider via shims.
  • Five Points of Adjustment
    • Mid Speed Compression
    • Low Speed Compression Bypass
    • Low Speed Rebound
    • Mid Speed Rebound
  • MXT TANK (Large Reservoir System)
    • Hybrid piston/bladder design utilizing Zavorotti suspension technology.
    • Keeps the control / repeatability of the piston system with the additional small bump compliance of a bladder system,
      without nitrogen migration issues found in stock shocks.
    • Genuine Kashima Coating for low friction, and durability, found only on professional suspension
  • DLC Coated 18mm Induction Hardened Shock Shaft – Low friction coating and durability.
  • Kashima Coated Body – Low friction coating and durability all backed by science.
  • Low friction piston band and low inertia piston design for excellent pressure balance and instant response to pressure.
  • Custom valved for each customer
  • Includes spring matched to rider weight
  • Free shipping in the U.S.A.
  • One free service includes all labor for original purchaser (wearable items and oil are not included).

NOTE: All shocks are custom built for your bike year/model/size and to match your weight, type of riding, terrain and skill level. We will contact you for these details after we receive your order. Build time is 4-5 days. 

’16-’19 KTM 250/350/450 SXF/XCF & 125/150 SX
’17-’19 KTM 250/300 SX/XC

’16-’19 HQV FC 250/350/450
’17-’19 HQV TC/TX/TE/FE/FC/FX 125/250/350/450/501

’17-’19 KTM PDS – ALL EXC/EXCF/XCW/6Days – coming soon

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