Slavens Mule HV Lectron Power-Jet Carburetor for ’17-’19 KTM & Husqvarna




Slavens Mule HV (High Velocity) Lectron Power-Jet Carburetor for ’17-’19 KTM, Husqvarna

Slavens Racing has teamed up with Lectron Fuel Systems to produce the ultimate carburetor, the Slavens Mule HV (High Velocity) Lectron Power-Jet Carburetor. Jeff Slavens was not impressed with the low-end performance of the ’17-’19 models so he asked for help from Kevin at Lectron. The combined team work has evolved in to the Slavens Mule HV (High Velocity) Power-Jet carburetor. It delivers a huge increase to low-end and mid-range torque and horsepower along with a big increase to fuel mileage plus smooth power delivery and automatic compensation for changes in elevation and temperature. Once correctly set-up, the Lectron power jet carburetor is on auto-pilot.

The Slavens Mule HV (High Velocity) Lectron Power-Jet Carburetor is your best performance option for 2017-19 KTM/Husqvarna 2 stroke models.

  • Only available at Slavens Racing
  • Only for ’17 – ’19 models
  • Proprietary HV venturi design
  • Delivers the low-end torque/grunt of a 36mm and the top-end over-rev of a 38mm carb
  • Jetless (no jets)
  • Automatically compensates for elevation & temperature changes
  • Dramatic increase to fuel economy
  • Smoother power delivery than stock Mikuni
  • Increased intake performanceWe-Ship-Worldwide
  • Pre-tuned for each specific model (note: some minor tuning may be required)
  • Kit includes throttle cam for use with stock ODI grips
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Available in 38mm HV only

*Slavens Mule Lectron HV carburetor
*Lectron specific t
hrottle cable
*Domino throttle assembly
*Throttle cam that enables using the stock ODI grip
*SX/XC/TC/TX models come with intake flange & gasket

’17-’19 KTM 250/300 SX/XC/XCW/EXC/6D (38mm Mikuni – stock)
’17-’19 KTM 125 SX, 150 SX/XCW (38mm Mikuni – stock)

’17-’19 Husqvarna TE/TC/TX 250/300 (38mm Mikuni – stock)
’17-’19 Husqvarna TC/TX/TE 125/150 (38mm Mikuni – stock)


  • The included throttle assembly and cable upgrade are required for carburetor installation on ALL 2017-19 models.
  • +1 = Throttle Cable Length (stock route of cable) +3= Throttle Cable Length (in front of handlebars behind number plate/headlight)

Return policy: 30 days – If you put fuel in the carburetor it is considered a used product and there will be a significant restocking fee.


Availability: In stock

Ships: Worldwide


Message: Mr Slavens, I have just purchased one of these items and thought I needed to share my experience. You’ll be pleased to know, despite being a Kiwi (New Zealander) and tinkering is a natural habit, I resisted the urge after hilariously reading your instructions and gathering there was nothing to tinker with that could cause good things to happen. For those that are slow readers I’ll cut to the chase, the bloody thing is brilliant, does what it says on the box (even without tinkering?) and I’d highly recommend. But then I knew that because you have recommended it and so far….. Ring ominous bell….. you’ve not been wrong!! It took a mere 20mins to install and most of that was the new throttle cable. I adjusted, touched or fiddled with nothing, absolutely nothing not even idle and the bike started second kick (it is due for a new top end ) and idled perfectly. Today I gave the damn thing a good test ride with 4-5 hours of mostly tight and very technical stuff, but also including WOT sections and “Oh my god I am gonna die” rhythm sections at speed. I believe you promised me the same if not better low end and significantly more top end with this carb (being a 38 over a 36 standard, you’d sort of hope so). I might be over stating your warranty ), but no less it delivered, in my opinion, more bottom end and the top…. should come with a warning on the box, my right arm is held on with bolts and sticky tape (I’m sure that is what the surgeon called it) and it certainly felt like I needed to get some enforcement work done on that after today’s fast sections. Thank you, sir, for yet another great product, great fast (to the other side of the world) service and as always great grin factor. Although you have left me with a twitch as I resist the urge to fiddle), there is no way I will be wanting to mess up that sweet fueling. P.S. more than happy for you to use this anyway you feel fit. You and your team have earned it.

Greg A.
Titirangi, NEW ZEALAND


Hey Jeff,

So I got my new Lectron installed and went out riding last weekend and all I can say is holy cow! I spent weeks messing around with the jetting on my ‘18 TE 300 and could never get it right. Even tried the JD jet kit and while it was better, it was still very temperamental to altitude and temperature changes even within their recommended setting just as the factory Mikuni was.

Overall, throttle response is much more crisp, the bike pulls anywhere in the RPM range like a bat out of hell, and I didn’t have to keep adjusting the idle throughout my ride like I had to with the factory Mikuni carb. Previously I had issues with the idle when cold and those problems were also solved. Only need to use the choke for ~30 seconds and then the bike will idle on its own until warmed up completely. Before the choke pretty much got the bike started, but I would have to ride it around cold for a little bit before it would want to idle with the choke off and without giving it throttle to keep it alive. Whether that’s an issue of the old carb or not I’m not sure since I’m new to 2 strokes, but the Lectron has solved that issue.

Anyway I just wanted to give some feedback and let you know you have one satisfied customer! Install was super easy and everything bolted right up and started up and idled perfectly right out the box. I will definitely be looking to you guys for recommendations and upgrades for my bike in the future from now on.

Thank you and have a great night!

Kim W.


Hello Guys,

Just wanted to let you guys know that the Lectron kits you sold me for my MY 2017 300 XCW and 150 XCW are awesome!!!   Both bikes run great now.  

We did a 85 mile ride last weekend and my 300 with a 3.0 gallon tank only used up 2 gallons.   The other 2 KTM 300s (both MY17 as well) on the ride with stock carbs were getting half that kind of mileage and had to fill up mid ride.

Thanks for putting together such great solutions.

I’ll be racing the 150 again this weekend (but with the Lectron set up this time) in an Enduro and will let you know how it performs under those conditions.  The last time I raced the 150 was with the stock carb and a JD jet kit, and it still would load up under certain rpm/race conditions.

Pat W