Rubber Mounted Sub-Mount Damper Mounting Kit for Husqvarna by BRP




BRP Rubber Mounted Sub-Mount Damper Mounting Kit for Husqvarna

The all new BRP rubber mounted sub-mount for Scotts dampers is innovative and effective in reducing engine and chassis vibrations felt in the handlebars. This stellar new product combines the sub-mount system with 8 Poly-Urethane elastomers to reduce and isolate vibrations and increase rider comfort. It  mounts to the existing rear handlebar mounting holes and allows you to run in position 3, which is the most common and popular position. Reference the fitment key below to find your part number.

  • Sub-mount/below the bar mounting
  • Reduces engine & chassis vibrations
  • Softens the harsh spike when hitting rocks and roots
  • Increases rider comfort
  • Approximately 1″ taller bar position
  • Lower bend bars can be used to compensate for additional height
  • Reduces rider fatigue
  • Mounts in position 3
  • Easy installation
  • Mounts to o.e.m. (stock) triple clamp ONLY
  • Made in the U.S.A.

BRP Rubber Mounted Sub-Mount Damper Mounting  Kit includes:

  • BRP rubber mounted sub-adapter
  • Scotts bolt-on tower (frame bracket)
  • Required mounting hardware

’14-16 FE/TE 125-501
’16 TC 125 FC 250/350/450
’17-18 FE/TE/TC/TX/FX 125-501
’19 FE/TE 150-501We Ship Worldwide!

Note: We recommend using a Cleanspeed Throttle Cable Guide to ensure proper cable routing.

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