Plastic Extreme Coverage Skid w/ Link Guard for KTM, Husqvarna by TMD




Plastic Extreme Coverage Skid & Link Guard for KTM, Husqvarna by TM Designworks

Plastic Extreme Coverage Skid & Link Guard offers full coverage protection to the main frame rails, ignition, clutch and water pump cases plus linkage protection. It is not a lower strength, injected molded part like Acerbis, Cycra, or Hyde. An all new, patented forming technique mirrors frame bends for a perfect fit without stress or potential cracks. Years of testing has proven their exclusive proprietary mix of nylon, Kevlar, and silicone to work best. Every purchase includes instructions, diagrams and the necessary special hardware to install the plate.

  • New Endurocross off-road heavy duty skid plate w/link guard
  • Special TMD impact absorbing nylon composite with silicone additive to enhance slide over obstacles
  • Hardware and plate is designed  to allow maximum frame flex
  • Comes with oil drain plug hole if under engine
  • Hand formed for each model for a perfect fit
  • Tested and used by KTM-RPM Offroad, Coastel Husqvarna, KR4, Ampro Yamaha, Honda Canada
  • Eliminates the noise that aluminum makes
  • Available in black only
  • Made in Portugal

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Ships: Worldwide

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