MoJavi™ Saddlebag by Giant Loop




Giant Loop MoJavi™ Saddlebag

Minimalist day-tripper, the MoJavi Saddlebag by Giant Loop. Take a load off with this dirt bike & motorcycle soft saddlebag! Improve your endurance and comfort by taking the gear out of your backpack and putting the weight on your dual-sport motorcycle, supermoto or dirt bike. Specifically designed to carry just the essentials needed for a day trip or trail ride, the Giant Loop MoJavi Saddlebag is a slim, trim bag for inner tubes, tools, fluids, clothes and other travel necessities. Straps on, stays on, no matter what.

2017 Giant Loop MoJavi™ Saddlebag

  • Volume: 12 liters (2 x 6 liter side pockets)
  • Center pouch is optional. MOLLE-style lash points on top/center allow mounting of additional gear, Possibles Pouch, Klamath Tail Rack Pack, or go naked!
  • This dirt bike/motorcycle soft saddlebag provides a slim and trim profile that rides like it’s not even there
  • Includes 1 Hot Springs Heat Shield ($30 value)
  • Flexible rear mounting system — use included fender hooks or webbing loop around any secure anchor point
  • Straps on/off the bike in seconds – Use Hot Springs Heat Shield to keep side anchor away from hot exhaust
  • Use GL Mounts to keep side anchor away from hot exhaust – not included
  • Military-spec materials and construction
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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