Gas Bag Fuel Safe Bladder by Giant Loop




Gas Bag Fuel Safe Bladder by Giant Loop

Giant Loop’s Gas Bag™ Fuel Safe Bladder conveniently transports 1-5 gallons of hydrocarbon fuel for power sports racing in a collapsible welded film and ballistic nylon reinforced container that rolls up or packs flat when empty. Gas Bag Fuel Safe Bladders are compatible with motorcycles, snowmobiles, snow bikes (e.g., Timbersled, Moto Trax), ATVs, UTVs and 4x4s, providing a lightweight, compact means of transporting gas for off-road racing on closed courses. Each Gas Bag Fuel Safe Bladder is individually pressure tested and made in USA by Fuel Safe, a leading racing fuel containment manufacturer based in Oregon.

  • NEW! EZ-Pour spout kit for your gas bag
  • Available in 1-Gallon, 2-Gallon, 3-Gallon, and 5-Gallon versions
  • Volumes:
    • 1 gallon maximum capacity (3.8 liters)
    • 2 gallon maximum capacity (7.6 liters)
    • 3 gallon maximum capacity (11.3 liters)
    • 5 gallon maximum capacity (18.9 liters)
  • Weights:
    • 11.5 oz (1 Gallon)
    • 15.6 oz (2 Gallon)
    • 21 oz (3 Gallon)
    • 28 oz (5 Gallon)
  • Dimensions (flat and unfilled):
    • 19.5″ long x 9.5″ wide (1 Gallon)
    • 22″ long x 11.24″ wide (2 Gallon)
    • 22″ long x 14″ wide (3 Gallon)
    • 30″ long x 15″ wide (5 Gallon)We-Ship-Worldwide
  • Rolled diameter (empty): approximately 4-10″
  • Filler neck is standard size, fitting “universal” spouts
  • Materials & Construction: Welded film bladder sewn into ballistic nylon sleeve with webbing daisy chain anchor points and handles.
  • Made in U.S.A.

NOTE: Intended only for the temporary transport of liquid hydrocarbons for racing vehicles used in professional off road and closed course competition racing events. The Gas Bag Fuel Safe Bladder is not a portable or long-term fuel storage container as described by ASTM, EPA, ARB or other state or federal agencies.

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