Fork Springs WP4354 38mm x 510mm for KTM, WP, Husaberg




Fork Springs WP4354  38mm x 510mm  for KTM, WP, Husaberg

38mm O.D. x 510mm length

WP, Husaberg, and KTM fork springs are made in the USA for Slavens Racing. Rated in kilograms per millimeter (kg/mm). Any avid rider or motorcycle enthusiast can trust these WP4354 38mm x 510mm for KTM, WP, Husaberg fork springs.

Watch the suspension balance explanation video below to learn more about how to use these WP, Husaberg, KTM fork springs to your advantage. You can also learn how to change WP open cartridge fork springs from Jeff.

Lifetime guarantee.

KTM 125-520 (’00-’02) (except ’02 250SX)
KTM LC4E & SM 400, 640 (’00-’02)
KTM 625 SXC (’03-’04)

Availability: In stock (sizes .54-.60 may take 3-5 days)

Ships: Worldwide