Fork Springs KTM 1090R/1290R


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Fork Springs WP48mm for KTM 1090R/1290R – KTM Shock Springs

43.2mm O.D. x 555mm length (standard travel)
43.2mm O.D. x 530mm length (-1″ travel)
43.2mm O.D. x 505mm length (-2″travel)

Made in the U.S.A. for Slavens Racing, these WP, KTM fork springs are very high quality with fork spring rates not available from WP or other manufacturers. Rated in Kg/mm. These dirt bike suspension accessories are offered in lengths/rates for standard travel, 1″ shorter travel and 2″ shorter travel. They require travel limiting spacers.

There are many features of these KTM fork springs:

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Lengths/rates for standard travel, 1″ shorter travel, and 2″ shorter travel
  • Correct fitment
  • Accurate spring rate

NOTE: -1″ and -2″ require internal travel limiting spacers to be installed. We have them in stock.

NOTE: We do not sell Asian made springs

KTM ’17-’19 1090R/1290R

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