Filter Skins by PC Racing




Filter Skins by PC Racing

An extremely thin yet durable cover for your air filter

  • Slip Filterskins over your existing air filter
  • Quick and easy mainenance
  • Filterskins can be oiled before use and washed to be reused
  • Reduces need to clean your air filter
  • Ideal for long rides in dusty conditions
  • Remove the dirty Filterskin and simply replace it with a fresh one
  • Traps up to 90% of dirt while maintaining air flow
  • Comes in a dust-free storage bag
  • 3 per package
  • Available in standard and quick releaseshippage
  • Quick release model has a drawstring with Velcro tab and adhesive fender mount tab
  • A tug on the tab will remove the Quick Release Filter Skin midway through a dusty or wet race exposing a clean filter

Fits: ALL full size MX, off-road and Dual-Sport bikes with 6″-8″ diameter filters

Fits: All KTM 125-530 & 690 & All Husabergs & ’14-16 Husqvarna

Availability: In stock

Ships: Worldwide