Side Stand Bypass Dongle for KTM 1090/1290, HQV 701 by Vanasche Motorsports



Emergency Side Stand Sensor Bypass Dongle for KTM, HQV

KTM/Husqvarna have gone to great lengths to provide a side stand sensor that cannot be tampered with. This sensor does not allow gear engagement without the side stand in the “UP” position.

We understand the safety aspect but there are a few issues. If the sensor fails or gets damaged (or you lose the magnet) while in the field, you WILL be left stranded. This is not a simple roadside repair like the old days where you cut the switch off and twist the wires together. This is a 50% duty cycle square wave that would be almost impossible to duplicate without proper hardware, an oscilloscope, and knowledge in circuits/electronics.

Carry one of these dongles on your bike for a little piece of mind should the O.E.M. product fail or get damaged.We-Ship-Worldwide

WARNING: This product is to be carried as a spare part to get you and your bike to safety. It is NOT to be installed while your O.E.M. side stand sensor is operating normally.

KTM ’17-’18 1090/1290 (does not fit ’15-’16 1290s)
Husqvarna ’17-’18 701 Enduro/SM (does not fit ’16 701) For 2016 701 click here.

Note: This product is to be used for off highway/racing purposes only and is not intended for use on public roads.

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