Dual Compound Kevlar Grips by Renthal



Dual Compound Kevlar Grips by Renthal

The most advanced grip available. Renthal has developed a special reinforced grip made with increased wear resistance. The grip has all the properties you would expect from a Renthal grip but with the life extending properties of KEVLAR® brand resin.

  • Softer, tackier,and long lasting
  • Features Kevlar brand resin particles in a soft compound thermoplastic
  • Base is reinforced with millions of randomly aligned Kevlar fibers
  • As the grip is used, more Kevlar fibers are exposed
  • Offers three times the life of the regular compound
  • Lasts three times as long as our regular soft material
  • For use with twist throttles
  • If you use glue on the installation of Renthal grips, We Ship Worldwide
    due to the specific compound–only Renthal grip glue will work

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