Comfort Seat for KTM, Husqvarna, Husaberg by Enduro Engineering




Enduro Engineering Comfort Seat for KTM, Husqvarna, Husaberg

The EE KTM, Husqvarna, Husaberg Comfort Seats offer softer, more comfortable foam with an improved seat base design that increases flow to the air box and air filter.

Tired of monkey butt?
It offers all day riding comfort with a redesigned seat pan that allows for an additional 1.50 inches of foam without changing the seat height. This is a complete seat, designed and manufactured in the USA. Available in tall (additional 1.25”), low or standard height with soft or firm foam.

Part# FL75-208, FL75-308, FL75-408 fits:
’07-’10 KTM 125-505 SX/SXF 
’08-’10 KTM 200-530 all models
’11 KTM 200-530 XC-W, XCR-W, EXC (Does not fit ’11 KTM XC, SX, SXF)
’11-’12 Husaberg 250-300 shippage

Part# FL75-211, FL75-311, FL75-411 fits:
’11 KTM 150-450 SX, SXF, XC, XCF

’12-’16 KTM 125-500 ALL MODELS (except 2016 SXF/XCF, 125/150 SX, 2015.5 Factory Editions)

Part #EE75-216, #EE75-316, #EE75-416, #EE75-616 fits:
`16 125/150/250F/350/450 SX/SXF/XCF
`17-’18 KTM 125-500 All

Part #EE75-270, #EE75-370, #EE75-470 fits:
`16 Husqvarna TC 125 FC 250/350/450
`17-’18 Husqvarna 125-501 All

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