Canister/Solenoid Valve Removal Dongle B



Canister/Solenoid Removal Dongle B

The Canister/Solenoid Valve Removal Dongle allows removal of the canister valve or solenoid without the FI light coming on just by plugging it into the harness where the canister valve plug goes. The Canister/Solenoid Removal Dongle fools the ECU into thinking it is still there. You will still get warning lights for other important items.

701 Enduro (ALL)
Adventure 1050 – 1090 (ALL)
RC 390 (ALL)
Super Adventure ‘R’ (ALL)
Super Duke 1290 (17+)
Super Duke GT (ALL)

Note: This product is to be used for off highway/racing purposes only and is not intended for use on public roads.

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