Air Filters for KTM by Twin Air




Twin Air Filters for KTM

Fused outer and inner elements prevent dirt and grime from being lodged between layer which can be a problem with inferior two-piece air filter designs. Trapped particles can restrict airflow and if dirt works its way into your engine… a pinhead-sized granule will gouge your cylinder, piston, and rings like a bullet. Ensure maximum contact with your air box with Twin Air’s air filters for KTM. A thick, soft-foam sealing ring provides maximum contact with your airbox, even in the worst riding conditions. The sealing ring acts as a breathable gasket allowing air passage while restricting dirt and dust. Whether you are riding through the woods, across the wide open desert, or at your favorite track, you can depend on Twin Air providing your engine with lots of clean air. If Twin Air can’t keep your engine clean, no other filter can!We Ship Worldwide

  • Coarse open-pore foam catches airborne dirt, grime and sand
  • Fine open-pore foam acts as second filter while ensuring maximum air passage
  • Exclusively formulated adhesive ensures glue seams will not break down
  • Thick, flat foam, non-greasy sealing ring
  • Available in pre-oiled and not oiled

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