Adjustable Slave Cylinder for Husqvarna by Rekluse




Rekluse Adjustable Slave Cylinder for Husqvarna

The Rekluse Adjustable Slave Cylinder enables external clutch adjustments with just a quick turn of the adjuster. It will work as an after-market replacement for your O.E.M. slave cylinder and can be used with Rekluse automatic clutches or with the stock clutch. Designed to replace the OEM slave cylinder, this innovative technology allows installation and adjustment to be quick, accurate, and easier than ever before. This non-traditional slave cylinder design eliminates the need to shut the bike off and remove the clutch cover any time an adjustment is made.

Sean Brown, R&D manager, states “We are very excited to deliver external adjustment capabilities to our customers using EXP and Core EXP products.  Giving the rider the ability to easily make clutch gap adjustments without having to remove the clutch cover is a huge step forward for auto-clutch technology.”

  • Machined from billet aluminum
  • Enables fast, easy external clutch adjustments
  • External Clutch Adjustment, making for quick, accurate, and easy set-up
  • Bump starting capabilities
  • Replaces previous methods of adjusting hydraulic actuated Core EXP and EXP Auto-ClutchesWe-Ship-Worldwide
  • May be retro-fitted to Core EXP and EXP Auto-Clutch products purchased before Oct. 15th, 2012
  • Made in the USA

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