2-Stroke Top End Kits for KTM, HQV, Berg by Vertex




Vertex 2-Stroke Top End Kits for KTM, HQV, Berg

ALL Vertex top-end kits include; piston, rings, circlips, piston pin, base gaskets, head o-rings and piston pin bearing.

  • All pistons are heat treated with T-5 hardening and a tempering cycle
  • New T-box forgings and DLC coated wrist pins on forged pistons with highest compression ratios for increased strength and performance.
  • Piston skirts are coated with a hi-tech molybdenum disulphide for faster break-in time
  • Nitride coating for increased piston life
  • Top end piston kit includes: piston, rings, pins, circlips, base gaskets, head o-rings and wrist pin bearing when applicable.
  • Kits are exact O.E.M. replacements
  • Replica KTM 2-stroke pistons are factory supplied to KTM
  • Two-stroke piston kits made from gravity cast aluminum alloy with 18% silicone content, which produces an extremely light but very strong piston
  • High compression pistons improve power and torque across entire rpm range
  • Made in Italyshippage

Note: All 2 stroke top end kits are size B (KTM calls it Group 2). We recommend the B kit for all engines that have 25+ hours or 500+ miles.
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