Stink Bug Killer by Slavens


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Slavens Stink Bug Killer

The Slavens Stink Bug Killer is a quick and simple solution to balance your 2017 KTM XCW/EXC/EXCF. The 2017 models are over an inch higher in the back than the XC/XCF/SX/SXF models. This stink bug stance (high in the back) makes them twitchy and unstable in all riding conditions, especially in trail whoops, sand and on relatively fast trail sections/two tracks and jeep roads.

The Slavens Stink Bug Killer was developed in conjunction with Greg at Factory Suspension Works to create a correctly balanced chassis. Balancing the chassis improves steering, improves rear wheel traction, reduces the seat height, improves overall stability and greatly improves rider confidence.

  • Corrects front to back balanceWe-Ship-Worldwide
  • Gets rid of the stink bug
  • Improves rear wheel traction
  • Improves steering (more planted feel)
  • Improves overall stability
  • Reduces seat height (3/4″ – 19mm)
  • Improves rider confidence

NOTE: We highly recommend these be installed by a professional with a vacuum bleeding machine.

17-18 KTM 150/250/300XCW/EXC/6D
’17-18 KTM 250/350/450/500EXCF/6D

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