Ranger 3 Hydration Pack by USWE

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Ranger 3 USWE Hydration Dirt Bike Backpack

The Ranger 3 USWE Hydration Dirt Bike Backpack is a go-to hydro-pack for fast 1-3 hours racing with a slim-profile fit. Carry your essentials in the removable tool pocket while training then just pop it off to drop the weight for racing. It’s smart and it’s quick.

All performance packs are armed with USWEs groundbreaking 4-point suspension harness design which we have termed, NO MORE DANCING MONKEY. The purpose for this name is straightforward, our packs don’t shake around on your back and beat up your neck while you are in action.

  • Total Volume: 3L cargo capacity
  • Includes 2L Elite hydration system with plug-n-play couplingWe-Ship-Worldwide
  • NDM harness technology
  • Quick-removable organizer compartment (wide opening)
  • Water resistant smartphone pocket
  • Twin port exit for tube from H2O compartment
  • Tube port compatible with HHF kit

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