MX907HP Rear Tires by Sedona




Sedona MX907HP Hard to Intermediate Rear Tire

This item ships ONLY to addresses within the 48 contiguous United States.

After meticulous research and testing Sedona has come out with a unique tread design that provides excellent traction on a wide variety of terrain. The combination of performance and low-price point makes this tire a great value.

  • Cross-patch tread design provides a larger contact patch that maximizes in-line and cornering traction
  • Multi-knob tread pattern technology assures a large footprint
  • Siped and dimpled knob add more bite-edges for the ultimate in traction
  • Rigid 4-ply carcass enhances stability and absorbs impacts
  • Performs best at low pressures when used with a TUbliss system (see video below)

Sizing Dimensions:

110/100-18: 250F/350F/250-300 (2T)

120/90-18: 400/450/500/530/640/690

Note: The Sedona’s stiff sidewall works very well at low pressures (4-6psi) that can be easily achieved with a TUbliss system. If you are using a tube, 8psi is recommended. For maximum grip/performance we highly recommend using a TUbliss system.

Sedona Tire

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Shipping Restriction: This item ships ONLY to addresses within the 48 contiguous United States AND ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES MAY APPLY DUE TO THE WEIGHT OF TIRES.

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