MX Jump Special Helmet by Suomy

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MX Jump Special Helmet by Suomy

MX Jump, the fiber helmet studied in detail for comfort, technology, and for sure safety for the user. It has been studied and tested to optimize the outside and inside air flows. At 2.5 lbs, the Suomy Jump is the lightest competition approved helmet sold in the United States. The exterior shell has been designed to reduce impact angles, improve aerodynamic flow, and accommodate most modern neck braces. The MX Jump has the fit, finish, and bold design elements Suomy is famous for. The MX Jump series helmet by Suomy is made of fiber and studied in detail for comfort, technology, and for sure safety for the user.

  • Cheek pads & inner liner are removable and washable
  • The shell is in polystyrene with channels for optimized air ventilation
  • Outer shell has ribs to channel better the air flow
  • The peak has an aerodynamic impact, with a wide open front will fit any glasses
  • Aggressive styling for greatest visual impact
  • Race approved by every major US & International motorcycle race organization
  • Revolutionary Carbon Kevlar aramid resin shell is so light it will make you say “Wow!”
  • Coolmax active fabric with interpower treatment–wicks away seat & keeps you dry & comfyWe Ship Worldwide
  • Advanced EPS channels, Ram air duct, and fully functional exhaust vents creates unmatched airflow
  • DOT Approved (US & Canada), ECE 22.05 certified (Europe), JIS (Japan), INMETRO NBR 7471 (Brasil)
  • Suomy Rider Testimonials

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