MX Jump Molotov Helmet by Suomy




Lighter than any other helmet out there (a claimed 2.5lbs), the Jump can hardly be felt when put on. Yet in spite of Suomy’s quest for lightness, Suomy has made sure safety and venting are still top notch. And while lightness typically comes with a huge price tag and this is an area where the MX Jump bucks the trend. With outstanding performance and a mid-range price, this Suomy is very good value.

Interior Comfort

  • Washable, interchangeable Cheek Pads and Liner are made entirely of
  • COOLMAX® ACTIVE fabric with INTERPOWER treatment
  • Light-weight soft and breathable fabric
  • Wicks Sweat Away from the body
  • Keeps the user dry and comfortable
  • Advanced EPS channels, Ram Air Duct, and Fully functional exhaust vents

Exterior Design & Safety

  • Aggressive styling for greatest visual impact
  • Dynamically Variable Resistance Crush Zone designed in the EPS liner
  • New composite Carbon, Aramid fiber shell
  • Ultra light-weight & 2 Shell sizes maximize fit and comfort
  • Sound absorbing polymers create a quieter, more enjoyable ride

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