Slavens MiniMule HV MiniTron Carburetor for 65, 85, 105cc




Slavens MiniMule 30mm HV MiniTron Power-Jet Carburetor for 65, 85, 105cc

Slavens Racing has teamed up with Lectron Fuel Systems to produce the ultimate mini-Lectron carburetor for Mini & Super-Mini bikes.  The Slavens MiniMule 30mm HV MiniTron Power-Jet carburetor delivers improved low-end torque/grunt, stronger mid-range pull and increased top-end over rev.  The increased performance and smooth power delivery combined with a big increase in fuel mileage and automatic elevation/temperature compensation make it a no-brainer. When correctly set-up, the Lectron is on auto-pilot.Products tested by Jeff Slavens

  • 2HP increase on KTM/HQV 65 & 4HP increase on KTM/HQV 85
  • Only available at Slavens Racing
  • Proprietary HV venturi design
  • Jet-less (no jets)
  • Uses the stock throttle and cable
  • Automatically compensates for elevation & temperature changes
  • Dramatic increase to fuel economy
  • Smoother power delivery than stock Keihin
  • Increased performance – pulls stronger from low-end to top-end
  • Machined for perfect fitWe-Ship-Worldwide
  • Pre-tuned for each specific model & application (note: minor tuning may be required)
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Available in 30mm HV only

Available for:
’03-18 KTM 65
’06-17 KTM/Husqvarna 85/105
’18+    KTM/Husqvarna 85
’02-07 Honda 85
’03-18 Kawasaki 65
’01-18 Kawasaki 85
’01-18 Kawasaki 100
’03-18 Suzuki 85
’02-18 Yamaha 85

Return policy: 30 days – If you put fuel in the carburetor it is considered a used product and there will be a significant restocking fee.

Availability: In Stock

Ships: Worldwide