Hydraulic Left Hand Rear Brake Kit by SMOKN

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SMOKN Hydraulic Left Hand Rear Brake

Off-road riding can sometimes require very precise use of the rear brake, few people have the skill & finesse necessary to do this properly. I regularly watch people trying to control their bikes on steep descents, locking up rear wheels all over the place in a vain attempt to feel for traction with clumpy boots & a foot pedal…or wiping out completely when they have to put a foot down & suddenly only have the front brake to control the bike—it’s quite entertaining.

Then there’s the problem of moving around on the bike, one second you’ll be sliding right up to the fuel cap, the next you’ll be hanging over the rear mudguard, both situations require a totally different pedal height. The Hydraulic Left Hand Rear Brake & Clutch Conversion Kit solves all these problems & more. I would go as far to say its a virtual necessity when you have a semi-automatic clutch as the rear wheel doesn’t lock up when the engine stalls—not good when you’re stuck on a steep hillside trying to get the bike turned round after a failed hill climb attempt. Also when you have to walk the bike down a bit that’s impossible to ride—much more controllable with both brakes!

  • Left hand rear brake lever/master cylinder assembly
  • Very compact & multi-adjustable Hayes brake lever/master cylinder assembly
  • Allows a multitude of fitting options either above or below the existing clutch lever assembly
  • The fluid capacity has been increased by means of a custom made stainless steel spacer plate to allow for brake pad wear
  • Full specification motorcycle stainless steel braided brake line
  • Smooth bore DuPont PTFE hosing & marine grade stainless braiding sealed with a tough clear protective covering
  • Stainless steel swivel unions allow perfect, twist-free alignment & the ability to dismantle & even change to other bikes as often as you like
  • All additional components necessary to fit the system
  • An adapter sleeve that converts the rear master cylinder to dual actuation
  • Custom made in corrosion resistant, high strength 6082 aluminum alloy
  • A brake bleeding kit containing all the items you will need to bleed the system
  • Complete with a syringe & all the hosing & connections required to back bleed the system

’05-07 KTM ALL 125-300
’05-07 KTM All RFS 250-525
’08-19 KTM All 125 – 300 2T (does NOT fit Freeride 250)
’08-19 KTM All 250/350/450/500/530 4T
’08-10 KTM 450,505,525 SXF,XCF, ATVs

’09-14 Husaberg All TE, FE, FX

’08-10 Husqvarna TE/TC 250-501 all
’14-17 Husqvarna FE/FC/FX/TE/TC/TX 125-501
’18-19 Husqvarna TC/FC/FX  125-450 W/ Brembo Brakes

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