Sport Tubes Elbow/Knee Protectors by Forcefield




Easy to wear and slide on and off, with CE1 protection covering the elbows and knees, the Sport Tube 1 is a great way of protecting limbs to a higher level than armour fitted as standard into clothing – and it’s far more comfortable. The Sport Tube 1 has a compression fit and a slim profile. The perfect armored tube for touring and commuting. Perfect with Kevlar jeans.

The Sport Tube is also available without armor. Sold in pairs.

  • Lightweight, high performance compression material
  • Ideal armour fit and body placement
  • Lightweight, removable armour
  • Isolator 1 CE1
  • Armour thickness from only 8mm (CE1)
  • Repeat Performance Technology
  • Use for on and off road
  • Machine washable with armor removed
  • DRI-M Technology (Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Material)
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large – Sizing Guide

Availability: In stock

Ships: Worldwide

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