GPX 5.5 WindBlock Gloves by Leatt


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GPX 5.5 WindBlock Gloves

Slim and protective windproof off-road glove. To keep you warmer on those chilly autumn and spring rides. Our maxed out glove when it comes to bike feel and protection. Imagine the softest, slimmest glove palm ever and CE certified impact protection so well engineered that you can not feel it. Uniquely engineered vented off-road glove for maximum riding comfort with NanoGrip Aramid fiber reinforced palm and CE Certified impact protection at knuckles, fingers, thumb and upper hand.

  • 3D molded self-locating Armourgel impact protection for:
    • Knuckles
    • Fingers & thumb
    • Upper hand
  • NanoGrip palm:
    • Ultra-thin for maximum bike feel
    • Nano fiber technology 7.500 thinner than hair
  • Very stretchy and flexible
  • Premium dry and wet gripWe-Ship-Worldwide
  • Touch screen function
  • Aramid reinforced palm protection
  • Pre-curved snug fit seamless palm
  • Micro injected cuff restraint
  • Multi-ply Nylon thread stitching

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