SG-12 Boots by Gaerne


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Gaerne SG-12 Boots

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Gaerne strives to be the best; always looking for new ways to make a better product, always listening to professional riders for valuable feedback and always looking to suppliers for the very best materials. The new dual stage pivot system is patented and exclusive to Gaerne MX boots. The first pivot is attached to the “Razorback” and provides a rigid component that offers strong lateral support while a glide-plate keeps the upper in a firm and upright position. The second pivot is fixed on a sliding glide that allows the rider’s foot to feel natural while on the peg in a shifting or braking situation. It will “bottom out” and absorb shock in the case of over-jumping a jump or in the case of unwanted compression.

We’ve also created various features in the Gaerne SG-12 boots to give our riders more supportive security during their rides, including heat-resistant inner grip guards and anatomically shaped thermoplastic shin guards, which are adjustable to create a wider opening for accommodating larger calves or knee braces. In addition to the adjustability of the shin plate, our adjustable buckle system is comprised of four lightweight alloy buckles, which allow for a “tried and true,” fail-safe, simple easy in-and-out action, as well as their contribution to the expansion capability of the boot upper. The Gaerne SG-12 boots also feature our dual-composite sole, which is new in look but still features the anti-shock rubber that has become famous as a component of Gaerne boots—and that’s just the outside.

Inside the Gaerne SG-12 boots, beneath the Acronos gaiter, which is breathable and extremely stretchy, yet effectively shaped to keep sand and debris out, Gaerne’s memory cell foam lining adjusts to the shape of the rider’s foot to provide a comfortable feel and custom bond between individual riders and their boots, ride after ride. At the foot, a newly designed heel cup aids in shock absorption, in the case of rear compression during use, while the more streamlined toe box of the Gaerne SG-12 boots allows for greater control of the shift lever and other bike controls. Our specially molded footbed insole is engineered with venting near the front of the foot, and conjunctive shock-absorption in the heel to further support the lower leg.

  • We-Ship-WorldwideDual Stage Pivot System
  • Thermoplastic front plate/shin guard
  • Light-weight alloy buckle system
  • Swiss made breathable Acronos fabric gaiter
  • Gaerne Memory Cell Foam interior lining
  • New slimmer shaped toe-box
  • Newly designed Gaerne MX Boots Dual Composite anti-shock rubber sole

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