Instructions for shipping engine components



Service Order Form - Download the PDF order form for suspension services.


1. Fill out the downloadable service order form.

2. Place the service form where it can be easily found in the shipping container.

3. Cylinders and heads should be packaged in bubble wrap and put into a cardboard box.

4. Package carriers (UPS, FedEx, etc.) will NOT pay insurance claims on damaged shipments that are improperly packaged. Bath towels, shop rags, underwear, etc. are not appropriate packing materials.

5. If you don’t want to deal with it, take it to a packaging/shipping business but they may be expensive.

6. Suggested insurance amounts. (packages can get lost, especially when they’re not insured) KTM 300 cylinder $1000, KTM 300 head $150. UPS and FedEx always seem to find them if they have a high insured value and never seem to find the packages that don't have insurance.

7. Please DO NOT call and ask if your shipment arrived. The carriers ALL have tracking systems and YOU can track your shipment online.  If you MUST check on your shipment, please email us at

Shipping Address
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