Goldentyre GT216 Enduro Tire

GT 216AA Front Enduro Tires by Goldentyre

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Product Description

GT 216AA Front Enduro Tires by Goldentyre

The 216 AA are the range of front tire enduro FIM approved, created and designed especially for enduro racing. The V shaped knobs layout gives optimum corner precision. The lightweight, flexible carcass with reinforced shoulder guarantees a large contact surface and good shock-absorption. These tires are best paired with the GT216 or 523 rear tires.

  • GOP3176 90/100-21 Fatty: This “fatty” front tire provides huge advantages while overcoming rough terrain by offering a larger rolling diameter than most common sized 90/100-21 fronts,  its larger footprint also provides added traction in technical uneven terrain. Recommended Mousse insert  90/90-21We-Ship-Worldwide
  • GOP3172AA 80/100-21: Front tire was developed for use in softer terrain and can be used anywhere from sandy to intermediate conditions. This tire was designed with slightly taller and sharper, V shaped knobs to penetrate in softer terrain. Recommended Mousse insert 80/100-21
  • NEW!!! GOP3177 90/90-21: Front tire has the same rolling diameter as the 80/100-21, but has a larger footprint, sidewall reinforcement and bridge-style side lug reinforcement for use on hard and very hard-packed terrain. The recently upgraded carcass and side-knob reinforcement allows this tire to withstand the demands of rocks and roots. Recommended mousse insert either 80/100-21 or 90/90-21 can be used depending on the stiffness desired for different riding styles or terrain.

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